What is Ryukyu? [Ree-you-Q]
Blair Ryukyu Bost

my middle name, first and foremost.

Ryukyu is also the name of a cluster of islands near the southern coast of Japan, proximate to the place I was born, Okinawa. My family lived there while my dad was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Although I did not grow up in Japan, I am flattered to have a weave of Japanese influence in my life. I hold a deep respect for the culture & forever an appetite for the cuisine.

Minnesota has been home for all of my life, but I was lucky to experience 4 wonderful years in Denver while finishing art school. After graduating in 2013 with a BA in photography, I moved back to my home state, and from a mix of perfect timing & a little bit of magic, I immediately started working as the first-and-only in-house photographer of an award-winning company in Minnesota called Festivities.  Festivities specializes in creating gaze-worthy events & weddings by providing design, planning, décor rental & setup, as well as incredible floral design. My job is to capture the pristine of these exquisitely decorated environments in all of their glory, before the event happenings begin (you could call it the “magic hour” of the occasion).

You may have caught a glimpse of my work browsing through various Minnesota wedding & event magazines, floating around Pinterest, or perhaps with my most extensive collection of work  on the Flickr page of Festivities, having endless albums that showcase the design portfolio & rental inventory catalog.


Overall, I am a minimalist photographer. My workflow is simplistic & I don’t require expensive equipment to communicate a scene. While being practical with my tools, I make use of natural light & I have the ability to improvise when the photography gods work tirelessly against me.

Prints & digital files are available upon request (hmu)

I welcome any freelance work inquires, collaboration requests, donations & friendly hellos

Blair Ryukyu Bost


Event + Wedding Design, Floral & Dècor by Festivities MN